Our prayers go out to the family of Cheryl Saucedo who passed away on Sunday, November 7, 2010.  Cheryl had been an MT with STS for the past 13 years, and she will be greatly missed.

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Med-Line School of Medical Transcription offers a wide variety of webinars that provides additional education to MT students and practicing MTs.  All of our webinars and study groups are CEC approved.

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National Medical Transcription Week 2010

To celebrate NMTW 2010, STS invited all employees and some of our closely located clients to a Mexican buffet at Sergio’s in Glendora.  Everyone was invited to come for a free lunch and enjoy some time with fellow MT’s.  During the week, employees had a chance to win some great raffle prizes by entering in our STS trivia game.  Each day trivia questions were emailed to everyone and those who responded with correct answers were put into a drawing.  Each day there were questions on Quality Assurance, the Book of Style, a drug word scramble and a guessing game.  Congratulations to our winners Claudia Alcaraz from Chino, CA, Kathy Gray from Glendora, CA, Sharon Roybal who works in the office and Susie Velasquez from New Mexico!  We all had a great time eating great food and are so glad our MT’s had fun too!  Thank you to Sandy who treated us all to a great lunch! 

Many thanks to Cheryl Vander Wall, Sharon Norwood, Leigh Dauber, and Marla Farrell for going with me to Congressman David Dreier's office on August 12.  We presented a united front in asking for Congressman Dreier's support with regard to the importance and value of a narrative report in healthcare documentation.  We met with Senior Legislative Aide David Olivas, and he was most receptive to our message.  Again, thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to go with me. 



I would like to take a moment to introduce myself to the AHDI-West membership.  I am a student member of AHDI, and I come to the industry from a legal transcription background.  I am proudly completing my medical transcription coursework at TechSkills of Sacramento, California.  As an AHDI member, I have participated in a number of professional development activities, and have greatly benefited from the association’s webinars and other products.  I recently completed OAK Horizons’ RMT Prep Assessment course, and I have successfully passed the RMT Examination.

Last week, I had the great privilege of joining other industry professionals at ACE 2010, in Austin, TX.  With many of you, I participated in a number of educational sessions pertaining to the areas of clinical medicine, industry trends and technology, and workforce development.

For me, one of the highlights was this year’s industry update and annual business meeting.  Through the many presentations, I learned of some of the strategic initiatives AHDI has undertaken in the last year, of the challenges the industry faces, and of the contributions medical transcriptionists make in producing quality digital records.  Three topics were especially interesting to me.  First, the issue of preserving the rich narrative of dictated/transcribed reports and the effect of front-end speech recognition in that regard.  I was impressed with Health Story Project and the creation of standardized templates for use in electronic medical record systems.  Second, The Medical Data Exchange and its nationwide network, or “interstate highway,” on which EHRs and PHI may be exchanged in an automated, standards-based format.  The potential to “go green” by eliminating the need for paper copy, while having an ability to reach any physician in the country via a simple internet connection, is very exciting.  Third, having just earned my RMT credential, I was interested to know of the upcoming change in testing providers, webcam-proctored online testing options, and the development of a two-tiered exam with both RMT- and CMT-level questions.

Attending ACE 2010 provided a timely, invaluable opportunity for me to network with other dedicated industry professionals and future colleagues, and to cultivate new friendships.  I returned home even more passionate about this chosen profession, with many questions answered, and with validated direction.

I would like to give special thanks to Carrie Boatman, Sandy Shumaker, and the board of AHDI-West for facilitating my attendance.  You truly opened a door for me.  I embraced the opportunity, I was welcomed by many, and I am so grateful.

In the days ahead, I look forward to becoming involved in my local chapter and to collaborating with you as I search for the right fit to grow within this industry.


Jeffrey Berndt, RMT

Sacramento, California

STS Sponsors a Student at ACE 2010


Congratulations Sharon Roybal and Sharon Wulbrecht for each becoming a CMT! 

We are so proud of both Sharon’s and want to congratulate them for all their hard work!!!


Congratulations to our MT Sharon Norwood for passing the CMT exam! 

STS is proud to have another CMT within our company. 

Thank you for you hard work and congratulations!

We at STS had our annual winter luncheon once again!  We would like to thank all of you who attended.  The food was great!  We had a great time and thank you to Sandy for providing us with a free lunch and great prizes.  This year we decided to donate to the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation.  Since all of our employees are women, and so many women are diagnosed with breast cancer, we decided this was our best choice for this year’s charity.  STS matched 100% of each donation.  Together we donated over $880.00 to the foundation!  We would like to thank everyone for their generous donations.   

We want to thank everyone for making 2010 another successful year!  Here’s to 2011 being even better!

STS Winter Luncheon 2010